Auspicious VadR Analytics

With the recent launch of gaze focused game “Shooty Blocks VR” we have incorporated VaDR’s unique telemetry for gathering information about where players are looking.

VaDR’s implementation is almost as simple as setting up Unity’s own analytics platform.

  • Register on their website
  • Drop and drag prefab into scene
  • Update prefab with codes

To compliment visualisation of the data you can also import your scene into their web viewer in order to analyse the collected information in 3d space.

The results of your average gazing so far resemble the shape of a rooster or chicken which is quite auspicious given the Chinese calendar year. Beyond this it also helps us understand how far up people wish to tilt their heads when playing the game and where they look the most.

TIP: In open environments when using analytics platforms like this, you may not see co-ordinates where people are looking without having invisible boundaries around the edges of your arena. In the above example I placed an invisible boundary ahead of the player where the main action takes place. This way it captures idle gazes into the distance as well as active gazes at targets as they arrive on scene.