Sky Marshall VR

Sky Marshall, stand on the bridge of your space cruiser and defend against an incoming attack from an unknown enemy.

The thousand years of peace have come to an abrupt halt, all across the galaxy a new enemy has emerged. Will you survive the first wave.

  • A simple science fiction bridge simulation
  • Launch Defensive Drones
  • Charge and use your mega weapon
  • Protect yourself by activating your shields
  • Low on energy, watch a video from the intergalactic fleet to get a recharge (Sorry, no 360 advert providers at this time)
  • Earn achievements.

Sky Marshall VR is the second VR experimental game from Booster Pack, we are attempting to find what sticks when it comes to mobile VR game making.

Contribute and shape the game the with your feedback and reviews.

Your choices in game will also shape how the game continues to develop.

This is the second VR Experiment from Booster Pack

Made in Singapore.

Available Now on Google Play.

You Are In A Maze VR

Find your way through this Google Cardboard VR Maze.

Simply gaze at an orb to move toward it.

  • Unvisited portions of the maze are lit with green orbs.
  • Visited portions of the maze are lit with red orbs.
  • One maze
  • Two starting points
  • Completely free
  • Contains Achievements and Google Play support (Though you will not see the banners when unlocking)
  • New Full Screen mode, no need for a Google Cardboard in order to share in the virtual reality experience

Made in Singapore.

First in a series of Google Cardboard VR ExperiMENTALS from Booster Pack

Designed for Google Cardboard VR.

Available now on Google Play.